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Aglomer machine is used to recycle plastic film waste.

Blades inside the boiler and rotating at high speed, break the film by friction force at high temperature. Plastic, which is then shocked with a small amount of water, condenses and becomes reusable.

These condensed plastics are either made into raw materials in the granulating machine or used directly as dandruff.

Ø600-Ø800-Ø900-Ø1000-Ø1100-Ø1200-Ø1300-Ø1400-Ø1500mm boiler diameter agglomer models are available. Sheet thickness is 12 mm. Their capacities are between 100kg and 1000kg.

There are 1 rotating pallet, the number of fixed blades varying depending on the boiler diameter and 2 rotating blades. Aglomer blades are manufactured from DIN 1.2379 material and hardened by subjecting them to special irrigation processes.

Plastic material is discharged by opening the pneumatic cap at the end of the process.