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Tire Recycling Line (End of Life Tire) Request Quote

End-of-life tire recycling is the process of separating the tires of the end-of-life vehicle into their components and turning them into reusable raw materials.

Vehicle tires become a huge threat to the environment when they are thrown into nature after they have completed their life. Burning these tires causes the release of extremely harmful gases.

For this reason, recycling of end-of-life tires (Ötl) is of great importance both for the protection of the environment and for the recovery of valuable raw materials.

HakMakine establishes complete turn-key recycling facilities for the recovery of finished tires. With the tire recycling line we developed with our R&D team, the tires that have completed their lives are not a great threat to nature and the environment, but turn into valuable raw materials.

All of the rubber, steel and cord fabric contained in the vehicle tires are recycled 100 percent through the segmentation and separation stages in the lines we produce. The highest amount of rubber raw material obtained from the recycled tire recycling comes out of our line as granules in the desired grain size. This rubber raw material is used extensively in sports fields such as tartan tracks, soft floors of walking areas, and coating of children's playgrounds.