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It is the process of recycling waste plastics and turning them into recyclable raw materials.

Plastic Recycling begins with the separation of waste plastics according to their types. Clean plastics are converted into raw materials by melting them again using granules and turning them into granules.

Waste plastics collected from garbage must be washed and dried before turning them into raw materials. Plastics separated by their types in the complete recycling line are first shredded and reduced in standard sizes.

Washing process starts with an aqueous crushing machine during the shredding phase. The broken plastics are purified from the water pool and high-speed separators with a patented special system developed by Netplasmak.

For the drying process, the water rate is reduced below 5% by using a conical press machine or centrifuge machine according to the type of the material. Then, by entering the scrap plastic agglomer machine, the water rate drops below 1% and the dried plastic is melted in the granule machine.

The plastic, which is filtered while it is melted, is then granulated and packaged.