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The centrifugal separator rotates the rotor with 1000 rpm to separate the water and foreign matter contained in the plastic burr. Heavy parts such as sand and mud are separated by centrifugal force and collected at the bottom of the machine.With specially designed perforated sheet on the inner body, water and non-plastic materials are thrown out of the holes thanks to the polygonal outer drum. While it provides 100% drying, it also has the feature of cleaning the material. Thanks to its internal structure designed for high speed drying without using any heater, the plastic burr reduces the moisture on the material below 1%.

The centrifugal separator, which reduces dryness to less than 1% in PET recycling, gives very good results in pet recycling with its high capacity operation.

Centrifugal separator is used in plastic types instead of conical press (crimping) machine in hard materials and gives better results. It provides 100% dryness. With the washing line to be installed before the centrifuge separator; It allows the hard materials to be cleaned and dried without any further treatment and becomes raw materials.